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What is Private Labeling?

A private label product is manufactured by a contract or third-party manufacturer and sold under a retailer's brand name. Maronti Private Label will provide you with product and you label as your own.

How are your products different from other brands? 

All of our product are salon tested for quailty and performance. Most of our products are organic and they are 4C Hair Approved

Is there a minimum quanity amount to purchase?

Yes, All products are purchased in quanities of 20 units unless you are purchasing sample sizes. 

Can we provide labels for products?

Yes, as complimentary when you first purchase 80 units. After the first order of 80 units, your next order has to be 40 units for complimentary labels. You will be responsible for adding the labels to your bottle yourself. 

Can I use these products on natural and relaxed hair?

Yes, Great for all hair types

Can I sample product before I purchase in bulk?

Yes, Please select and purchase samples of each product offered.

Are all of your products natural?

No, our products contain organic, natural and plant-derived ingredients. No product is 100% natural or organic that is sold in stores because their is no such thing as a natural preservative that will be effective.

What is the time frame before I receive my order? 

It varies on what is ordered and how much. Samples are normally shipped out in 3 to 5 business days. For Bulk orders can take up to two to three weeks due to production. We ship USPS and UPS. (Due to high order, shipment on all orders including samples are taking longer than normal.

Can I request modification to products selected?

No, Modification is not available. 

How do I contact you?

 In an effort to expedite your requests and/or questions, we ask that you send us a email at . Do to high demand on orders it is not easy to get to the phone. On our website we try provide you with an ample amount of information as to what we do and the services that we provide. Please send ALL questions or comments to This will help us keep record of our discussion for future reference and sending an email gives you a chance to list all of the questions you have for us to answer at once. We value each and every one of your questions, comments and concerns.